SZIDF 深圳国际工业设计大展

    Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair

    With the theme of "Design Reboot: Symbiosis", Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2023 adopts the pattern of " one main venue plus N sub-venues" to gather global high-end innovation resources, promote the development of the original design and the design industry, and construct an ecological platform for showcasing, communicating and trading in design achievements. By aggregating the developments of new industries and integrating emerging trends such as AIGC, big data, the intelligent economy, industrial internet, blockchain, and shared manufacturing, the focus will be on empowering the "20+8" industrial clusters with design. Through diverse connections, value will be created for design, exploring various possibilities for design-driven industrial upgrades. These will strengthen the innovation ecosystem through deep collaboration between industry, academia, and research, enhance open cooperation, and establish a globally influential top-tier industrial design exhibition. The fair aims to make contributions to advancing design innovation, promoting international scientific and economic cooperation, and enhancing economic development momentum. It will demonstrate Shenzhen's unique advantages as a hub for design and innovation, further propelling Shenzhen into a vital global hub for industrial design. 

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