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It's time to get high with SZIDF 2019!


SZIDF 2019 is ready to take off. In addition to the wonderful exhibitions, forums, product launches, more funny on-site activities are being prepared, such as Flash Mob which is popular all over the world.  


Flash Mob is a group of people who gather at a predetermined time and place to perform an ususal and seemingly silly act or dance for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purpose of entertainment and artistic expression. A Flash Mob can break into song and dance, perhaps not very much choreographed, but fun nevertheless.

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We are looking for 10 dancers to lead Flash Mob of SZIDF 2019, to perform on the stage during the short break of new product launches and design salons in the Hub Area of SZIDF.



这次快闪活动由大展首次和意大利知名设计公司 Antonio Lanzillo & Partners (SZIDF展商)合作开展,让展会现场更加有趣和充满活力。本次快闪活动将在中心区域舞台上持续五分钟,期间舞者和台上观众会戴上由大展和Antonio Lanzillo & Partners 联合出品的酷帅太阳镜,届时展馆里的所有人都会随着欢快的音乐舞动。

It is the first time SZIDF works with its exhibitor Antonio Lanzillo & Partners, a famous Italy based design agency, to do Flash Mob to make SZIDF 2019 more interesting and dynamic.The Flash Mob lasts about five minutes on the stage. Dancers and audience will wear the coolest sunglasses jointly branded by SZIDF and Antonio Lanzillo & Partners. Everyone in the exhibition hall dances to the exciting music with lots of fun and joy.

Antonio Lanzillo & Partners 是意大利新一代设计的主要代表之一,其通过融合意大利传统风格和创新的战略方法来推广独特的解决方案以支持客户。获得的国际设计奖包括2014年绿色优秀设计奖、2018年优秀设计奖、2019年德国设计金奖、2018年ADI Design Index。

Antonio Lanzillo & Partners is one of the major representatives of the new Italian Design Generation; its target is to promote unique solution to support customers by merging Italian traditional style and innovative strategical approach. International Design Prize: Green Good Design - 2014, Good Design - 2018, German Design Award Gold -2019, Adi Index - 2018.

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What's job for the dancers ?

1. To get familiar with the dance you will perform in before the end of October based on the dance video;

2. To ensure to show up forthe rehearsal of two or three hours in early November before the Flash Mob;

3. To promise to show up and perform for the Flash Mob of five minutes in Hall 2, SZCEC on the afternoon of Nov.3.

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We expect:

You are energitic, passionate and confident, aged from 18 to 25;

You are a dance lover, with good learning ability and teamwork spirit.

本次快闪将作为无偿自愿的活动首次呈现,成功参与的舞者可以走进展馆近距离欣赏6000多件设计精品和超过150个极具设计感的展台,以及和全球设计界面对面互动的难得机会,同时将获得由大展和Antonio Lanzillo & Partners联合出品的酷帅太阳镜一副,并提供现场免费午餐。如有兴趣参加,请随时联系Grant(微信:grantyoung1)进行报名,报名截止日期为10月25日

This is a voluntary activity so you won't get paid but you will have free access to the over 6000 cool design works and over 150 beautiful booths and the opportunity to interact with global design industry face to face, and get one pair of coolest sunglasses jointly branded by SZIDF and Antonio Lanzillo & Partners, and of course lunch will be served for free. Please feel free to contact Grant (wechat: grantyoung1) for the registeration if any interest. The deadline is 25 Oct..

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