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Yellowdot Design:不一样的设计哲学

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Yellowdot Design Studio was founded in Hong Kong in 2017 by design duo Bodin and Dilara from Hong Kong and Istanbul. Their unique mix of background is evident throughout their studio - where the philosophy is to connect the unconnected from many different fields outside of design to find new ideas -hence the name Yellowdot - connecting the dots.



In their consultancy work they mainly focus on the fields of Innovative Product Design & New Retail Concepts. Since establishing in Hong Kong,their work in Asian has been focused on the new generation of young Chinese lifestyle consumers - they have created flagship products and new retail space concepts for top brands in the lifestyle appliances and jewelry industries for the Hong Kong and Chinese market.

 What do we produce 





‘The Best Gift is the Gift of Memories' was the inspiration behind the display capsule gift ‘memento’. Memento is a small decorative gift for organizing and displaying small collected objects and trinkets. Crafted in colorful iridescent glass and cast cement base to securely store and display objects in an elegant manner atthe home or in the office. 




Available in different base colors and various platforms for displaying different collectible things such as toys, pins,tickets, coins, matchboxes.





Solari is a modern-day fuel-free, pollution-free portable solar cooker which provides an alternative to today’s inefficient, costly & health damaging method of open-fire cooking. Designed with people and current foodculture in mind, it is intuitive and easy to start enjoy cooking pollution-freewith the sun. Making use of the latest insulating materials, optics &sensing technology Solari converts sunlight directly into heat to slow-cookmeat, poultry or seafood to maximize nutrition & flavor.




The ‘Couple’s Journey’ is designed to tell the story of tailor-made rings for the wedding band specialist ‘ForeverCouple’. Inspired by the timeless and romantic setting of a railway station,all retail touch points including the ring stand, ring display case and furnitureis designed with elements of train carriages and the station to showcase the process, materials and journey behind the creation of each and every pair of the unique wedding rings. Romantic everyday stories of how soon-to be married couples met each other is expressed with in the design of the rings as well as the displays, to emphasis the unique value of the tailor-made rings.



Yellowdot Design黄点设计


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